----- Our Story -----

Blue Sky Clothing Co started out of the back of a VW van at the Balfour Ferry Landing over 20 years ago. Created by Marilyn Cobban, the aim of Blue Sky was to help women of all sizes and body types find beautiful, wearable fashions they could feel comfortable in. Since then, we have expanded to 9 locations in BC and ship garments all over the world.

----- Our Values -----

Kind to the people who make our clothes

As a fair trade company we strive to ensure that everyone in the Blue Sky family, from our fabric cutters in Bali to our inventory manager in Vancouver, is treated with care and respect. To learn more about our production in China and Bali, click here.

Kind to the environment

Our clothing is created using exclusively natural fibers, including bamboo, cotton, wool, and modal sourced from beech trees. Not only do these fabrics feel wonderful on the skin, but they are also less harmful to manufacture and create longer lasting garments.

Kind to all body types

Everyone deserves clothing that allows them to look and feel good in their own skin. That?s why we create clothes for all bodies XXS-4X (and up! See our sizing chart here) using thoughtful designs meant to flatter a range of shapes.

----- Our Family -----

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